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About Us

TripX Travel Company, your trusted travel companion. We are a team of passionate travel enthusiasts dedicated to curating exceptional experiences for you.

Our expertise extends beyond travel arrangements. With our reliable API services, we ensure seamless connectivity and access to the best travel options. Our ticketing solutions make booking flights and accommodations a breeze. And our experienced visa consultants are here to guide you through the complexities of visa applications.

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Our Services


Tour & Travel

TripX  offer a diverse range of travel packages catering to different budgets and preferences. Whether you’re a family, solo traveler,  history , or luxury seeker, we have packages tailored to your specific interests. 

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Visa Consulting

TripX Travel Company specializes in providing consultancy services for education, investment,and other visa types for countries such as Canada, USA, European countries, and more.

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 TripX Travel Company handles all aspects of ticketing and travel arrangements. We take care of booking flight tickets,arrang transport, securing visas, and making hotel reservations.


API Service

TripX  comprehensive suite of services you gain direct access to our extensive network of our services. This includes search and book flights, hotels, transportation, and other travel-related services .

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Visa Quest

Tourist Visa

Planning a vacation? TripX Travel Company offers tourist visa services to help you explore your desired destinations. 

Business Visa

We assist in preparing the necessary documentation, including invitation letters, business plans, and other supporting materials.

Study Visa

TripX Travel Company specializes in study visa services, assisting individuals in securing visas for educational purposes.

Comercial Visa

We provide guidance in fulfilling the visa requirements, including invitation letters, proof of business engagements, and other necessary documentation.

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